A new job for outgoing Representative Bruce Poliquin

Many Mainers mourn the departure of our outstanding two-term U.S. Representative, Bruce Poliquin. A man of quiet courage and conviction, Poliquin understood that his prime objective was to give the wealthiest Americans, including himself, ever more opportunities to increase their wealth and simultaneously to undermine further America’s already weak safety net for the rest of us. But Poliquin couldn’t defeat ranked choice voting, a voting system probably originating in the old Soviet Union.

But Poliquin will surely be back in some future important government post. He had allegedly been on the short list of eligibles for Speaker of the House, and his (temporary) departure from the House shouldn’t change that. Let Poliquin “expose” more tattoos on the body of his successor, Jared Golden!Compare Poliquin’s expensive clothes with Golden’s wartime uniforms. Who makes a better presentation for Maine’s Second Congressional District?

In the meantime, Poliquin should ask President Trump for a new position in Washington: raising and lowering the flag atop the Department of the Interior when Ryan Zinke’s successor officially moves in. Zinke conceived of the Interior Department as, literally, his fiefdom. This could be the launching pad for Poliquin’s political future.