Will bus service for Orono residents to campus poll be open to all?

On election day there will be bus service in Orono to and presumably from  the UMaine Field House, the building with “The Big M.” I would certainly expect that there would not be a repeat of the outrageous situation of years ago when the polling places were off-campus and when UMaine students needed transportation to them if they didn’t have rides. A student government leader somehow prevented students who were Democrats from access to vans or busses. Only Republican student voters could ride to the polls.

The then young man in question has gone on to fame if not fortune as a key political consultant for Governor LePage and other Republican leaders.

Meanwhile former Bangor area State Senator Nichi Farnum, whose single term focused on invented allegations of voter fraud and of the need to eliminate same day registration and voting, became a member of the Bangor Public Library Board of Trustees after her defeat by Geoff Gratwick. What’s the message to those of us who believe in unfettered democracy?